Congregational Objective:

Mindful that many former Episcopalians and other Protestants were increasingly distressed by the mounting heterodoxy of the churches in which they found themselves, and hoping to make their path into the Roman Catholic Faith less troubled than it might otherwise have been,  Pope John Paul II. opened a pastoral provision for them in 1980; "The Anglican Use".

Under this provision a number of congregations have been erected in the United States since that time. Most recently, Bernard Cardinal Law of the Boston Archdiocese authorized the Congregation of St. Athanasius in Boston.

We are a congregation of about fifty members, most of us recent converts from the Episcopal Church, although a number of life-long Catholics have joined us because they are drawn to our liturgy and music. We are fully in Communion with the Roman Catholic Church, but our liturgy, our hymns, and our chant will be familiar to anyone close to Anglicanism or the Episcopal Church. Mass is celebrated every Sunday and on other Holy Days. Solemn Evensong is sung and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament is celebrated from time to time.

Fr. Richard S. Bradford, chaplain to the Congregation of St. Athanasius, is a former Episcopal priest.  To reach Fr. Bradford please write to him at the rectory: 767 West Roxbury Parkway, Boston,  MA 02132-2121, Telephone & Fax: 617-325-523

We urge you to join us for worship. We gather for coffee after Mass each Sunday and would be very happy to have you with us. You are cordially invited to visit us.

Prayer for Anglican Use

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